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Experts: Amazing Similarity in Charts of Gold and BTC
Bitcoin for ten years compared with the gold cryptomarket. The analogies of the two assets are traced in their divisibility, relevance and security. At the same time, Bizniz experts found a more subtle connection based on price dynamics charts.
Ethereum is in Crisis Due to Lack of Active DApp
The famous economist and professor at the New York University Nouriel Roubini is sure that the fall in the rate of Ether could be predicted, since there are not enough active applications on the platform (DApp).
Belarus is Interested in Investments by South Korea for Blockchain Technologies
The Government of the Republic of Belarus is looking for sources of funding for the development of distributed registry technology and artificial intelligence.
Analysts Identified Assets to Be Invested
Analytical company SharesPost Research, as a result of its July research, posted a six-month review of the Crypto currency and Blockchain Survey, which is of interest to those who invest in crypto currency for a long time.