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The Son Of The Head Of Google, In His 11 Years, Knows More About Broadcasting Than About Paper Money
Google CEO Sundar Pichai was surprised that his 11-year-old son mined the ethereum on his PC and knows more about it than about the traditional financial system.
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China to Ban Distribution of Free Tokens
The People’s Bank of China (NBK), the country's central bank, is developing methods that can prevent the holding of airdrops in the country.
Malta Proclaimes OKEx Crypto Exchange of the Year
In early November, the OKEx digital asset trading platform was awarded the title of “Crypto Exchange of the Year” The title was awarded during the blockchain summit held in Malta. Among the contenders for this nomination were such giants as Binance and BitBay.
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Jesse Colombo Declares The Calm Before The Storm For BTC
In recent months, Bitcoin was sold and bought in the range between 6,300 and 6,400 dollars. Well-known expert Jesse Colombo believes that bidders should not get used to such stability which is unusual for crypto currency, because this is a signal that Bitcoin will start to grow at an accelerated pace.