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Binance Freezes 93 Thousand Coins of Ethereum Transferred From WEX

The Binance crypto platform has frozen all accounts received from the WEX crypto exchange. The sum of 93 thousand coins of the ether has been transferred to these cryptocars. The freeze was carried out on October 25; information about it only today was posted in the twitter account of the head of the company Changpeng Zhao.
The Binance marketplace froze 93,000 coins of the ether transferred to customers' accounts from the WEX marketplace wallets. Changphen Zhao tweeted that the freezing of WEX-tools occurred from October 25th.
A little earlier, a user with the nickname John James posted a post that the Binance marketplace accepts funds from cold WEX wallets, therefore, is involved in money laundering.
After users complaining, WEX responded with proper countermeasures. Investors were able to determine that 25 payments transferred to Binance wallets from August to October 2018 were received from WEX wallets.
Currently, hundreds of customers are not able to withdraw currency from WEX, and the estimated amount of funds that are not available to users is about $ 18 million.