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Bithumb Was Accused of Serious Data Leak and Loss of Funds

The incident happened in 2017, the leak of the Bithumb users’ personal data followed by the loss of their means valued at $7 million has got the South Korean prosecutor’s office interested.

The South Korean prosecutor’s office will check the trading floor due to the incident resulting in the loss of $7 million.

The office has launched the investigation of the exchange. The law enforcement agencies will study the case happened two years ago when malefactors got access to more than 31 thousand accounts containing names, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and operation histories.

The data allegedly was used for the theft of $7 million from wallets. Bithumb manager was accused of violation of the Data Protection Act and the Computer Network Management Law. He is purportedly to blame for the cracking. The exchange neither complied with the instructions on safety nor took the necessary measures for users’ data encryption.

The law enforcement told that some of the victims of the attack were found just yet, thus the decision to renew the case has been made. Bithumb claimed that the leak doesn’t connect with the loss of $7 million.

We recall that the cryptoexchange and 4 more trading platforms will be paying the reparation to the affected users, even if the losses were connected with the security system.