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Blockchain Keys Can Be Stored In Indestructible Black Box

A company engaged in the production of black DataBunker boxes offered a version of its product for storing a flash drive with private keys, and Bank of America received a patent for a “digital safe”.
A black flash drive with keys in a black box is reliably protected from the effects of an open flame, a shot from cannon, and any damage by heavy and sharp objects. Storage can be transferred manually over any distance.
According to the information provided in the Bank of America patent, this decision is unprecedented. In addition to storing a copy of the keys, access to them during daily operations on various devices is controlled by a special program. Its task is to erase the key on any device or in the cloud storage if:
Keys are attacked by viruses;
Incorrectly carried out two-factor identification;
A number of specified actions with the banking institution on additional identification have not been completed.
In addition to protecting online devices, the banking organization offers to install special sensors on “cold wallets”. Each time you connect to USB, the remote server will check the parameters you have configured in advance, such as changing the temperature or moving a certain distance. If violations of these parameters are detected, the key on the equipment will be erased.