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Dash Provides Opportunity for Venezuelans to Implement Cryptotransactions via SMS

Blockchain project Dash announced the launch of a transaction service via SMS for citizens of Venezuela. A new service called Dash Text.
The administration explained that Dash Text allows digital currency transactions without access to the Internet and PC. In a crisis state with a rapidly falling standard of living, people cannot afford certain elementary things.
Due to the new service, Dash will reach a target audience of millions of Venezuelans who have not yet entered the crypto-economic market, since they do not have smartphones and access to the Network. Digital assets are gaining increasing popularity in the state, as evidenced by the sharp increase in the volume of trade with BTC.
The Dash Text service was developed jointly with the BlockCyphe crypto company. Test tests of the beta version of the service are being carried out together with the two largest media operators in Venezuela - Movistar and Digitel. Their users can access the service by sending an SMS with the word “DASH” to a short number, another message is required to send in order to create cryptographic boxes.
Dash's global business leader, Bradley Zastrow, said: “Venezuelan citizens living abroad are transferring $ 2 billion to their homes through remittances. This process often takes too much time and is very expensive. With Dash Text, we give them the opportunity to solve this problem. People need simple and cost-effective methods of transferring funds to their homes, and we have provided this in such a way as to scale the Dash blockchain for those who do not have Internet-connected phones.”
Earlier citizens of Venezuela gained access to El Petro's state-owned crypto currency, acquired for bitcoins, litecoins, ethereum or DASH.