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ракета на луну

Ethereum’s "To The Moon"

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), in tandem with the University of Akron, is exploring ways to use the Ethereum detachment to improve space communications and navigation.

Within the framework of the research program, which was named "Sustainable Network and Computing Paradigm", the possibilities of integrating various kinds of solutions, including smart contracts, will be considered. A three-year grant for the amount of $ 330,000 was provided for the research at the university.

Project manager Dr.Wei believes that the project will allow scientists to put more tasks before space technology and, accordingly, to get more results.

"In this project, the Ethereum blockchain will be used to develop a decentralized, secure and cognitive network and computing infrastructure for deep space exploration," the University said in a statement.

Thomas Kappura, head of NASA communication programs, notes that the decentralized processing of the space nodes of the Office, provided that the security is provided, will improve the flexibility, stability and scalability of the entire network. And since the next-generation space networks have a rich potential, the possibility of using these algorithms in commercial systems is also considered.

Also, to ensure the stability of the infrastructure, the protocols of third-party blockers will additionally be studied.

Against the background of such news, a number of analysts are predicting Ethereum "space takeoff". Already today, the second by the capitalization of the Crypto currency is trading above the $ 510 mark. The level of support is located at around $ 502, resistance - at $ 524.