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Dogecoin in Top 20

The Dogecoin crypto currency, conceived as a comic crypto project, is currently showing good growth. The token rate has steadily increased since the beginning of September. The rise in prices was influenced by the news of partnership with the team of Ether.

Dodgers Fans to GET Ethereum Tokens

The famous Los Angeles Dodgers baseball club will make a gift to its fans in the form of personalized coins of its best players, which can be later exchanged for ETH.

Robinhood to Organize IPO

The crypto platform Robinhood Crypto is going to organize a public distribution of shares (IPO), for which the startup is currently looking for a financial director.

Slush Pool Upgrades Mining Equipment for Zcash

Крупнейший майнинг-пул Slush объявил о модернизации своих мощностей, а также расширению деятельности. В настоящее время майнинговый пул занят в генерации криптовалюты Zcash.

Iranian Traders Rais Bitcoin to $ 26,000

The news that the Iranian government legitimized the production of crypto currencies caused a jump in the price of BTC in the country. During the night, traders on the Iranian exchange raised the cost of bitcoin above 26 thousand dollars.

Twitter to Improve Security Using Blockchain

The Twitter team considers distributed registry as a possibility to prevent crypto fraud. It was announced by the head of the company Jack Dorsey during the hearings in the US Congress on September 5.

ShapeShift to Implemnt Registration

The crypto platform ShapeShift reported that it creates an application that will be built into the blockchain system and its use will become mandatory when creating the account.

Deutsche Börse Exchange Launches Cryptodevelopment

German stock exchange Deutsche Börse reported on new tasks aimed at the development of distributed registry technology and digital coins. Now on the trading platform there will be a department for blockchain and crypto currency. The new unit will deal with the development and integration of crypto-solutions for traditional trades on the blockchain-platform.

Bittrex Removes BTG

The administration of Bittrex crypto exchange on Sept. 14 intends to remove Bitcoin Gold on its platform. The reason was that the currency team did not agree to repair the damage that the stock exchange suffered as a result of the hacked blockchain of BTG.

Temasek Did Not Invest in Bitmain

The Singapore financial holding company Temasek denied that it had invested in Bitmain. Representatives of the company also said that they do not intend to participate in the IPO and did not negotiate with the mining giant on this issue.