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Глава МВФ отметила преимущества криптовалют

The Head of IMF Noted Advantages of Cryptocurrency

The CEO of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde, reported on the advantages of blockhouse technologies in general and crypto currency in particular.

According to Lagarde, one of the key advantages of crypto-currencies is the high speed and low cost of cross-border transfers. Already today, with the help of distributed registry technology, any money can be sent between countries in a few hours, not days.

Also to the positive aspects of the use of block-technologies, she attributed:

  • Possible increase in the efficiency of the financial market;
  • Stimulating investment in developing countries;
  • "Diversification of the financial landscape", which will lead to the balance of the need for centralized and decentralized service providers.

Nevertheless, she does not hide that cryptocurrencies still need to win the trust of ordinary consumers and authorities. State regulators of different countries, in turn, need to cooperate, since digital assets know no boundaries.