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IBM Applies For Launch of Blockchain to Limit Access of AR-Players to Undesirable Locations

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has placed an IBM patent application on a decision restricting augmented reality (AR) players to admittance to undesirable real places to visit.
The application describes the technology and the structure of the interaction of a mobile device with an activated AR function and a database of locations that mark the boundaries between the physical and AR objects. In addition, the blockchain platform is responsible for protecting information from integrating changes into it.
According to the data, at the beginning of September 2018, IBM ranked second after Alibaba in the global rating of companies with the largest number of crypto currency solutions: the company had 89 patents.
The company also announced the start of beta testing of the innovative IBM Blockchain World Wire payment system based on the Stellar protocol and became a partner of Hacera, which is involved in creating a guide to crypto projects similar to the Yellow Pages for the traditional sector of the economy.
In October, after 18 months of testing, IBM announced the blockchain-platform IBM Food Trust developed on the basis of the Hyperledger Fabric platform, and the Visa system announced that it was introducing IBM Hyperledger technology into the B2B Connect crypto platform.