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5 Misconceptions about ICO

The ICO market is relatively young, therefore, trying to understand it, investors create persistent errors, which often lead to erroneous actions. We represent the top five most persistent misconceptions about ICO-projects.

The SEC Launches Fraudulent ICO Project

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) launched the promotion of the HoweyCoin ICO project. The project itself is fraudulent. Thus, the regulator intends to demonstrate to potential investors how the attackers work.

The Presale of The ElPetro Coin Brought Venezuela 5 Billion Dollars

Summarizing results of the first national cryptocurrency’s sale, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that they managed to attract more than $ 5 billion from 186 investors.

The authorities see the creation of their own cryptocurrency as a part of a large-scale economic solution. The message emphasizes that the funds collected as a result of ElPetro's pre-sale will be used to solve social and economic problems.

Announcement of the Creation of the First Russian Association of Blockchain Lawyers

In Russia, lawyers from the digital economy are united in the first association of  "blockhain lawyers". Experts, based on the experience of regulating the cryptoindustry in other countries, will work on improving Russian legislation in this area.

 As co-director of the company "Effective Business Resources" Alexander Zhuravlyov reports, now the organizers and clients of ICO will have an opportunity to obtain from lawyers all the necessary information regarding the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies.

Why Does the TRON Rise in Price by 20% per Day?

During the night from April 24 to April 25, the TRX token went up by 20%. Then the indicator jumped back a bit, but, nevertheless, at the moment the asset is traded in the green zone.

 According to the volume of capitalization, TRON already occupies 11th place and is confidently approaching the place in the top 10 of the largest currencies. Over the past 24 hours, the capitalization of the asset has been increased by $ 600 million. Over the past week, this indicator has increased by 89%.

The Organizer of ICO-Start-Up Has Run Away With $ 50 Million Investors

After the completion of the ICO Frankfurt startup Savedroid, which resulted in attracting about $ 50 million, investors have lost all contact with the organizers. When you click on the link to the official website of the project, a frame from the American cartoon South Park opens with the phrase "I have lost it".

Leonardo DiCaprio Launches His Own ICO Project

The popular actor Leonardo DiCaprio announced the launch of the ICO, thanks to which he intends to raise funds for the filming of the new film.

As the actor himself reports, ICO-campaigns are much more effective than crowd-framing and this is how he intends to collect $ 40 million for filming a new picture.

Audi Will Launch Its Own Crypto Currency

Representatives of the company Audi announced their readiness to issue their own cryptocurrency. According to the head of the financial department of the concern Alexander Detmary, the company's own blockchain network is already working in the test mode.

Xiaomi launches its own "cryptobunnies"

Their own contribution to the series of collectible "cryptoanimals" was made by the Chinese manufacturer of "smart" Xiaomi technology. Now, along with the "cryptokittens" and "cryptopuppies", "cryptobunnies" appeared on the network.