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Majority of Mining Pools Are Located in the USA and China

The experts of the source Medium reports that more than 70% of all mining pools are concentrated in the USA and China. Low prices for electricity and not harsh regulation on the part of the authorities make the mining in the regions profitable.

The analyst Stephen Perrenod tells that Hong Kong entered the list of the leaders, but due to the legislative restrictions, it has steadily lost the positions. The miners have to leave the local platforms because of the restriction on the electric power used by corporate users.

China and the USA have more than 70% of miners. The most popular are Bitcoin, Monero, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Cash, Zcash, and Dash. It is remarkable that the Chinese government struggle against the mining but its volume has been increasing monthly. The large pools move their headquarters to other countries, thus avoiding the lawful bans.

The reason for the wide popularity of mining in China is low energy costs, which become even lower at rain seasons since the major part of the country enjoys the resources obtained by the hydroelectric power stations. Some American states are also mining-friendly, which stimulates mining.