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Almost 1000 ASIC Miners Were Seized in Iran

Almost 1000 Bitcoin mining units have been seized during the operation aimed at the prevention of illegal mining. The equipment was located in the territory of two close companies and was powered by the subsidized energy of the state.

Chinese Mining Giant Fleeing to the USA

The Chinese legislation forces miners to leave the country in search of a place to run a business freely. The largest miner in the People’s Republic of China Squire Mining SQRMF is going to place more than 41,000 ASIC miners in the USA.

Canadian Regulator Publishes New Mining Supply Rules

The power regulator of the Canadian province of Quebec has developed new mining regulations. The rules mean the additional volume of the electric power for mining and toughening of the requirements for the mining companies working in the region.

Chines authorities to eliminate mining in the country

The document which actually prohibits cryptomining in the country has been submitted by the national development and reform commission (NDRC). It is said that the financing of the industry should be reduced since it is power-intensive and pollutes the environment; the electricity prices for mining companies could be raised by the electricity providers.

Bitmain release 3 times more powerful Antminer Z11

Bitmain has released Antminer Z11 for mining of the confidential digital currency Zcash by the company. The vendor reports in the press release that the device has 3 times more hash power than the previous model Antminer Z9. The main purpose of the equipment is mining of the digital assets created on the basis of the algorithm Equihash.