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Slush Pool Upgrades Mining Equipment for Zcash

Крупнейший майнинг-пул Slush объявил о модернизации своих мощностей, а также расширению деятельности. В настоящее время майнинговый пул занят в генерации криптовалюты Zcash.

The Administration of Quebec Ceased to Give Permissions for the Deployment of Mining Centers

The Canadian territory with very loyal electricity prices - Mecca for mining. The administration of Quebec vetoed the issuance of permits for the production of crypto currencies, until a new tariff scale for hydropower generation for the production of digital coins on an industrial scale is developed. Additionally, the state body Hydro Quebec, which is the fourth largest supplier of electricity in the world, is going to cut production capacity to 500 mW.

Technological Priority for Zcash Foundation - Opposition to ASIC-Miners

Representatives of the ZCash Foundation announced the beginning of the development of an update for the main protocol. The update will withstand the Antminer Z9 mini device for mining cryptocurrency on the Equihash algorithm. As noted by the developers, at the moment the opposition to ASIC-miners is a technological priority.

Nvidia Will Release the First Graphics Card Specifically for Mining

Nvidia has developed the Inno3D P102-100 accelerator based on the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti gaming graphics card. The preliminary characteristic indicate that the video card will be more productive and equipped with a configurable memory configuration, but does not have video output ports.

For example, in the process of mining of Ethereum with the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti video card, the hashrate reaches a maximum of 40 MH / s. The video card Radeon R9 390X - 30 MH / s. The hash of the Inno3D model will achieve (in advance) the following values:

• Ethereum - 47 MH / s;

The $2 Million Mining Equipment Kidnapper was Detained Again

The Associated Press reports that on April 22, Sindri Thor Stefansson was detained in the Netherlands, suspected of stealing equipment for mining for about $ 2 million.

It is known that Stefansson was detained in the center of Amsterdam, but the details of the operation of the secret service are not disclosed.

We remind you that at the end of 2017, the suspect kidnapped 600 computers in Iceland used to extract cryptocurrency. Last week, it became known about the escape of Sindri Thor Stefansson from prison.

Miners Earn More Than Traders

The representative of the University of California from San Diego, Deni Huang, has made a report in which he said that it is more profitable to obtain cryptocurrency than to trade it.

600 mining farms have been stolen in Iceland

In the press of Iceland in recent days the topic of "Big bitcoin  robbery" is being discussed. It was a series of unprecedented in their scale robberies, which resulted in the abduction of more than 600 mining farms, with a total cost of about $ 2 million.


В сети интернет появился twitter-аккаунт Litecoin Cash, а это значит, что состоялся хардфорк монеты litecoin

Miners interrupt scientists looking for aliens

So, who was this time offended by the miners? And this time crypto-enthusiasts prevented the researchers of the institute of searching for extraterrestrial intelligence to search for aliens. This news is even more fun than the dissatisfaction of the Icelandic pirate deputy with mining farms.