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Poloniex to Delist 23 Trading Pairs

The Poloniex trading platform has reported the delisting of 23 trading pairs with the lowest liquidity.

The delisting will be held on August 16 and concerns the pairs with Monero, Ethereum, and stablecoins USDT, USDC.

The exchange notes that all the cryptocurrencies will be available in the trading pairs with other assets.

In May, Poloniex limited the access to Ardor (ARDR), Bytecoin (BCN), Decred (DCR), GameCredits (GAME), Gas (GAS), Lisk (LSK), Nxt (NXT), Omni Layer (OMNI) и Augur (REP) for American traders. The decision is due to a hard time figuring out which of them will be regarded as securities by the US regulators.

In July, Poloniex announced that part of the operations will be ported to an offshore jurisdiction. It is expected that the decision will enhance the functionality of the users living outside the USA.

We recall that Poloniex under the management of Circle listed seven trading pairs with USDT and USDC.