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Research: Japanese Become 170% More Interested in Cryptocurrency

The number of cryptocurrency-related web requests has grown by 170% for 2018. Also, users became more interested in cryptoexchanges.

According to the research conducted by the Consumer Affairs Agency, the local users queried about cryptoexchanges much more often.

The CAA revealed that the main content of such inquiries included questions in regard to crypto exchanges’ credibility, requests for refunds, security-related matters, difficulties with logins or payments, and difficulties with crypto-related vendors that fail to respond to clients.

The agency has further revealed that a number of inquiries regarded investment difficulties.

The country saw an official approval of the new rules toughening the control over cryptomarket. The maximum leverages for margin trading will be x2 and x4; the exchanges will be under government protection in case of cracking. The regulation of the industry will change in April 2020.