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Roger Ver redeems the infamous cryptoexchange WEX

The owner of and supporter of Bitcoin Cash Roger Ver informs that he is buying the trading platform WEX to launch the token called WER. The exchange was involved in the scandal with clients and as the BTC-e had been closed by the FBI.

Ver notes that despite their reputation such exchanges as Mt. Gox and BTC-e played an important role in the development of the bitcoin ecosystem:

These exchanges have brought real benefits to Bitcoin. Of course, very upset about what happened to them. But we should not look back at the past – the past that personifies the old Bitcoin. We have to look to the future – the future, where there is only one real Bitcoin: Bitcoin Cash. And I am sure that WEX, like Bitcoin Cash, has a great future.

The cryptocurrency exchange WEX is the reincarnation of BTC-e closed by FBI. All the assets besides several unpopular cryptocurrencies (ZEC, NMC, USDT, PPC) were blocked on the WEX on July 12, 2018. The withdrawal of the other currencies was postponed by the exchange with a note "due to the continuing technical works on the servers".

On March 30, a mass appeal was sent (195 signatories) to the President of the Russian Federation in connection with the fraudulent actions of the management of the exchange and the insufficient work of the law enforcement agencies on mass appeals of Russian citizens.

Nevertheless, Roger Ver is optimistic and has already prepared a plan for the return of users’ funds.

The head of announced the new protocol Wormhole Cash which will allow developers of blockchain platforms to withdraw tokens in the distributed register of Bitcoin Cash.