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The Son Of The Head Of Google, In His 11 Years, Knows More About Broadcasting Than About Paper Money

Google CEO Sundar Pichai was surprised that his 11-year-old son mined the ethereum on his PC and knows more about it than about the traditional financial system.
The CEO of Google said that last week during dinner, his eleven-year-old son said that he was engaged in mining. In response, the head of the company told him about the principle of the traditional US financial system. From the conversation, he realized that the younger Pichai knew much more about the Ethereum blockchain than about the paper money.
“I realized that he understands the principle of the work of the Ethereum network better than the work of paper money. I decided to tell him about the traditional financial system and explain why it is needed. We had a nice conversation.” recalls Sundar Pichai.
At the end of June, multi-millionaire Sergey Brin, one of the founders of Google, admitted that he was extracting Ether tokens together with his son.
“Not a month goes by as new, stunning and transforming world of technology emerges. We live in an era of technological renaissance - an amazing time when technologies are integrated into every area of ​​human life,” said Brin.