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Temasek Did Not Invest in Bitmain

The Singapore financial holding company Temasek denied that it had invested in Bitmain. Representatives of the company also said that they do not intend to participate in the IPO and did not negotiate with the mining giant on this issue.

Bittrex Removes BTG

The administration of Bittrex crypto exchange on Sept. 14 intends to remove Bitcoin Gold on its platform. The reason was that the currency team did not agree to repair the damage that the stock exchange suffered as a result of the hacked blockchain of BTG.

Former Ripple‘s Top Manager Announces Own Crypto Platform

Ripple’s Ex-CTO, Stefan Thomas, has offered a blockchain-product for those companies which are engaged in development of web content. A new blockchain-platform allows small businesses to monetize their content. The solution is already of interest in popular Internet services.
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