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Line Launches Digital Coins

Popular in Japan instant messenger Line will become one of the first publicly traded commercial organizations that launched their own digital currency.

Binance’s Product to Squeeze CoinMarketCap

The trading platform for digital coins Binance launches a cross-border database Binance-Asademy and DEX-exchange, buys crypto-wallets and plans to support fiat-crypto trading operations. Now the company has created Binance Info.

Coinbase Upgrades Crypto Wallet

A popular trading platform launches Coinbase Wallet. The solution combines storage and a browser that supports Ethereum and tokens based on ERC-20.

Critical Bug Found In BTC

The representative of Bitcoin Core and MIT Media Lab, Corey Fields, revealed in the Bitcoin Cash blockchain a fatal error that could cause chaining and disconnect transactions.

Cardano Wallet Supports Linux and MacOS

The creators of the Cardano crypto currency reported the creation of an open source cryptichelp, which was named Ariadne. The repository will enable ADA coin holders to store them in a safe place and use with two operating systems.

The New ASIC B2 by GMO Internet was Called the S9 Killer

Announcement of innovative equipment was held on June 5. The new device uses 7-nm semiconductor chips. Considering that in S9 it is built on 16-nm DragonMint chips from Halong Mining - 10-nm chips, it is assumed that B2 will outperform the old models in performance.