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Ledger Nano S Supporting BNB Now

Users of Ledger Nano S, a hardware purse, will be able to perform operations at Binance DEX cryptoexchange and keep their personal keys safe. The owners will be able to convert Binance Coin into any assets on the platform.

TON undergoing closed testing

Durov's product TON, a platform, undergoes the closed testing, the heads of the participating teams report. The high speed of transaction processing was noted.

Coinbase to provide UK clients with debit cards

Following a world trend, Coinbase has issued debit cards for payment in popular cryptocurrencies with instant crypto to fiat transactions. In the Future, the service will be available not only in Britain but in other European states as well.

Kakao launch Klaytn

Ground X, a company by Kakao, has presented the new blockchain platform Klaytn-Baobab which is convenient, productive and safe. Before the public testing, the product has been undergoing the tests in the closed test network called Aspen for 4 months and became available to a wide range of users only after the achievement of the satisfactory results.

CSIC to study a blockchain for a supply chain

The conglomerate The China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) is going to consider the possibility of applying a blockchain technology in the financing of supply chains.возможность применения технологии распределенного реестра в финансировании цепочек своих поставщиков.

William Gran&Sons to apply blockchain for whisky supply tracking

William Gran&Sons is going to apply the transparent monitoring "from grain to counter" of the supply chain of the of Ailsa Bay premium whiskey on the blockchain by arc-net.

The representatives of the company note, that the whole process of distillation and production will be monitoring and the users could trace the way of a bottle of whiskey from grain to shelf of a shop. It will allow users to be convinced of the authenticity of Ailsa Bay whiskey.

Kraken implements 2FA for all users

The trading platform Kraken implemented the obligatory two-factor authentication for all the clients. Admittedly, the option had appeared in 2013, but it was optional. Possibly, the cracking of QuadrigaCx led the administration to apply the obligatory two-factor authentication.