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Tom Lee Recommends Choosing Bitcoin Instead of Bitcoin Sash

In an interview with CNBC, he said that he would prefer to invest in Bitcoin, rather than in Bitcoin Cash.

In March of this year, the investor predicted that Bitcoin will reach the bottom in April-May, but by March 2020 the value of the first cryptocurrency will reach $ 91 thousand. Now, Lee is even more confident in his forecasts and recommends that Bitcoin should prefer the altcoins.

"I do not take either side. Both coins deserve attention. But if we talk about new money, I'm not inclined to buy an alternative coin, which could potentially be overbought many times. ", - the investor specifies.

In his tweet, he published a study on the basis of which 80% of the interviewed investors agree that the BTC has already reached the bottom and will continue to grow.

Also, Tom believes that the current growth of Bitcoin Cash is connected with the harts, which is to be held on May 15.