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Vitalik Buterin Warned Big Pools About Possible Problems

During the Edcon conference, Vitalik Buterin spoke in more detail about the Casper hybrid protocol, which will combine the consensus algorithms of Proof-Of-Work and Proof-Of-Stack.

The conditions for stackers will change significantly. If the user does not appear on the network half the stamping period, sanctions are imposed on him. However, if the stackers of his pool are constantly online, a single user will receive a reward despite the lengthy period of being offline.

Penalties are also affected by individual nodes that behave incorrectly for example, because of hacking. However, if the suspicious behavior of one node will cost 2% of the penalty, then with an increase in the number of attacked nodes, the size of the penalty will grow significantly. If the behavior of 1% of stacks is incorrect, the penalty will be 5%, at 10% - 32%, etc.

Also, depending on the increase in the steak, the interest rate is significantly reduced. So, with a stack of 2.5 million ETH tokens, the annual compensation will be 10%, with 10 million ETH - 5%, with 40 million ETH - 2.5%.

Buterin focused on the fact that the larger the stack pool, the less reward and more penalties.

The implementation of the Casper hybrid protocol in the main network is expected no later than the end of this summer.