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3 Crypto Projects with Fully Functional Blockchain-Products

Almost 90% of crypto projects are not viable. In this article, we'll talk about three projects that managed to create fully functioning blockchain-based platforms.

1.Brave - a search engine that allows you to earn on advertising.

The search engine will allow content makers, advertisers and users earning money. The browser completely blocks traditional advertising and cookies, but it allows users to send automatically every month BAT coins to developers of interesting advertising content.

Developers see the benefit of the project in reducing costs (about $ 23) on mobile traffic, thanks to protection from advertising. After the completion of all the functionality of the project, users will be able to get compensation for tokens up to 70% of advertiser's expenses for acquaintance with certain advertising.


2. Golem – a lease of computing power for tokens.

Golem users, who have free computing power, can sell them at this site to the community for GNT tokens. Also, users can borrow required resources, paying compensation in coins of the project to the lessor. Currently, Golem’s blockchain supports Blender and LuxRender extensions exclusively.


3. FundRequest - a platform for improving blockchain platforms

This platform is built into GitHub, with the help of its users it can offer developers for local tokens to fix errors in the open source application posted on the site.