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In 5 Years Bitcoin Can Rise to $ 96,000

Satis Group Company, leading ICO, conducted research and placed an analytical report, which says that the cost of BTC in five years will grow to 96,000 dollars.

Analysts Sherwin Doulat and Michael Hodrup conducted a study of how the price of digital assets will change in five years. In their scientific work they were based on the characteristics of currencies useful for society, ignoring their speculative features.

Specialists have come to the conclusion that such coins as Bitcoin, Monero and Decred will increase their value, because "they offer rare and invaluable opportunities in large and viral markets."

At the same time, crypto currencies similar to Bitcoin Cash, "which speculate on the name of successful coins and offer a minimum of innovative solutions", will essentially be asked for in value. Ripple's currency analysts predicted a collapse and a decline to $ 0.01.

"We believe that in blockchain projects that show stable scaling and community development, a great potential is hidden (for example, Litecoin). With an intense fall, platforms that speculate on the names of popular brands, for a short time recognized as a result of problems with the predecessor (like Bitcoin Cash) will collide. Low value is observed in currencies hiding the truth from users, thanks to the marketing strategy, where the use of coins is not mandatory even on its platform (such as Ripple)," the experts say.

Specialists of Satis Group drew attention to the "platform ecosystem" of Ethereum. Analysts believe that in 10 years only a limited number of teams will create platforms based on Ethereum, and the lion's share of projects will be developed on other blockchains.

On the eve of the company, Santiment published a research report, in which it reports that ICO projects now hold 3,330,390 coins of Ethereum.