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Analysis: BTC Monthly Trading Volume at All-time High

The trading volume of Bitcoin for the last 30 days has hit the record, having reached $770 billion. Practically, it proves the readiness for a leap even regarding the 10% correction, according to Coinmarcetcap.

The specialists evaluated the activity of the traders that had been working with BTC from June 17 to July 16. The results turned out to be at a historic high. The main cryptocurrency showed the indication of such a level in December 2017, when the price was $20,000.

The average daily trading volume for the last months is $25 billion. The annual statistics changed almost by 42%. It is remarkable that even in July 2017, when the price had been changing by 15% daily, the trading volume was $14,8 billion.

The worst month for Bitcoin this year was January when the daily volume was lower than $5,5 billion. The situation has been stabilizing only in spring after the gradual return to a bull market. As for now, Bitcoin lost the positions due to the Libra situation.