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Analysts Identified Assets to Be Invested

Analytical company SharesPost Research, as a result of its July research, posted a six-month review of the Crypto currency and Blockchain Survey, which is of interest to those who invest in crypto currency for a long time.

As online respondents, 2,490 users and 528 accredited investors were polled.

According to the information, such assets as Bitcoin, Ether and Riple are of the greatest interest to holders.

As a result, “more than 3/4 of the respondents are confident that the future is in BTC.


In addition to Bitcoin, respondents are interested in ethereum, riple and litecoin. The respondents believe that these three coins can bring the greatest profit in the long-term investment.

Despite the fact that the market is experiencing hard times, the demand for crypto currency is gradually increasing. As a result, almost 72% of investors are going to increase the volume of their investment portfolios over the next 12 months.


According to the agency, “2/3 users are waiting for further appreciation of digital assets over the next year.”


At the same time, experts at SharesPost Research have determined that “the community is very positive about the prospects for introducing distributed registry technology into the structure of monetary transactions.”


The lion's share of respondents is worried about the crypto currency volatility.


According to SharesPost Research, Coinbase is still the leader in crypto exchanges.