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SBI Holdings to support Ripple project

Группа компаний SBI Holdings окажет поддержку криптовалюте Ripple, поскольку считает, что она идеально подходит для глобального распространения, а Биткоин на самом деле переоценён.

Ethereum cryptocurrency underestimated

The major indicators of Ethereum network point out that the cryptocurrency is underrated because it is not as popular as bitcoin. Transactions prices do not impact the currency rate, but the quantitative data hinder its speedy growth.

GoCardless secured $75mln to enter US market

British fintech company GoCardless which deals with regular payments has secured $75 million worth of investment in Series E funding. Venture funds GV (former Golem Ventures) and Salesforce Ventures were the major investors in this round.

Malta Proclaimes OKEx Crypto Exchange of the Year

In early November, the OKEx digital asset trading platform was awarded the title of “Crypto Exchange of the Year” The title was awarded during the blockchain summit held in Malta. Among the contenders for this nomination were such giants as Binance and BitBay.

Jesse Colombo Declares The Calm Before The Storm For BTC

In recent months, Bitcoin was sold and bought in the range between 6,300 and 6,400 dollars. Well-known expert Jesse Colombo believes that bidders should not get used to such stability which is unusual for crypto currency, because this is a signal that Bitcoin will start to grow at an accelerated pace.

Binance Freezes 93 Thousand Coins of Ethereum Transferred From WEX

The Binance crypto platform has frozen all accounts received from the WEX crypto exchange. The sum of 93 thousand coins of the ether has been transferred to these cryptocars. The freeze was carried out on October 25; information about it only today was posted in the twitter account of the head of the company Changpeng Zhao.

Experts: Amazing Similarity in Charts of Gold and BTC

Bitcoin for ten years compared with the gold cryptomarket. The analogies of the two assets are traced in their divisibility, relevance and security. At the same time, Bizniz experts found a more subtle connection based on price dynamics charts.

Analysts Identified Assets to Be Invested

Analytical company SharesPost Research, as a result of its July research, posted a six-month review of the Crypto currency and Blockchain Survey, which is of interest to those who invest in crypto currency for a long time.

Bitcoin Lost in Value

Partner of Investment Company Distributed Global, Jonathan Cheeseman, believes that the BTC rate has declined due to 5 factors: macro cracks, speculative dominance, vague management, frequent sales and fraud.

Dogecoin in Top 20

The Dogecoin crypto currency, conceived as a comic crypto project, is currently showing good growth. The token rate has steadily increased since the beginning of September. The rise in prices was influenced by the news of partnership with the team of Ether.

5 Misconceptions about ICO

The ICO market is relatively young, therefore, trying to understand it, investors create persistent errors, which often lead to erroneous actions. We represent the top five most persistent misconceptions about ICO-projects.

Robinhood to Organize IPO

The crypto platform Robinhood Crypto is going to organize a public distribution of shares (IPO), for which the startup is currently looking for a financial director.

Dodgers Fans to GET Ethereum Tokens

The famous Los Angeles Dodgers baseball club will make a gift to its fans in the form of personalized coins of its best players, which can be later exchanged for ETH.

5 Factors Why BTC in Bearish Trend This Year

A number of experts confidently state that Bitcoin has every chance of reaching maximums by the end of this year, but analyst and economist Tur Demeester gave five reasons why this would not happen.

Slush Pool Upgrades Mining Equipment for Zcash

Крупнейший майнинг-пул Slush объявил о модернизации своих мощностей, а также расширению деятельности. В настоящее время майнинговый пул занят в генерации криптовалюты Zcash.

Iranian Traders Rais Bitcoin to $ 26,000

The news that the Iranian government legitimized the production of crypto currencies caused a jump in the price of BTC in the country. During the night, traders on the Iranian exchange raised the cost of bitcoin above 26 thousand dollars.

ShapeShift to Implemnt Registration

The crypto platform ShapeShift reported that it creates an application that will be built into the blockchain system and its use will become mandatory when creating the account.