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David Marcus Refuses to Stop the Work On Libra

On the Libra hearing, the United States House of Representatives repeatedly argued that Facebook to abandon the idea to launch a paying system. David Marcus has stated that the company is going to continue the work, having emphasized that the cryptocurrency will be developed under the strict supervision of regulators and the product will be launch only after all their concerns will be addressed.

Forbes: Chainalysis May Become Unicorn

The analytical service Chainalysis will allegedly increase its capitalization up to $1 billion, according to the analysts of Forbes, who added the start-up into the list of potential unicorns.

Tether to Launch USDT in Algorand

In the framework of the program aiming at the development of USDT, the company is going to launch a stablecoin based on the Liquid Network sidechain and the Lightning Network protocol in 2019.

CEO Claibra: Libra to Wait for the Regulator’s Approval as Long as it Takes

Davide Marcus, CEO Calibra, has published his version of Senate testimony. He noted that Libra Association will be supervised by Switzerland’s Financial Markets Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and also to register with FinCEN as a money services business, having mentioned that the Libra project will not provide serveries before the approval.

NovaChain is Suspected of Exit Scam

The cryptocurrency service for trading arbitrage bots has gone with the official web-resource, social network accounts, and users’ means. NovaChain was earlier known under the different name NovaLend.

0x Halts Due to Vulnerability

The decentralized trading platform has temporarily halted the operating due to a bug. The developers found a vulnerability in v.2.0; the administration of the platform states that users’ assets are out of the woods, but recommends transferring to the new version of the platform.

Bitpoint Loses $32 Million

The cybercriminals have attacked the Japanese trading platform Bitpoint and withdraw ¥3,5 billion ($34 million) in Ripple and other digital assets. As a result, the exchange halted its work.

Regulator Supports Blockstack’s Tokensale

The start-up Blockstack, which launched the platform uniting users and developers, has obtained the permission of The United States Securities and Exchange Commission to run a $28 million public token offering under Regulation A+.

Central Bank of Iran to Ban Bitcoin Trading

The regulation regarding money laundering and financing of terrorism banned any trading operations with cryptoassets in Iran, according to Naser Hakimi Director General, Information Technology at Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Bitcoin is Rated A -

Stability, profitability, low risks – is Bitcoin’s characteristics by the Weiss Ratings agency, which rated the asset with ‘A -‘.

Pyramid Closes with No Payouts

The South African financial pyramid dubbed Bitcoin Wallet has stopped operating, without having paid to clients. Hundreds of investors had been putting money into it daily.

Ethereum Hits $300 Level Again

At the beginning of the week, Ethereum has shown stable growth. The cryptocurrency has successfully overcome the psychological threshold of $300. Regarding the market’s mood and several other signals, there is a hope that the coin will reach $325.

Justin Sun Allegedly Aids Fraud

Tron’s CEO Justin Sun had not warned investors that Wave Field Super Community was not a part of the Wave Field network by Tron. As a result, thousands of investors have lost tens of millions of dollar.