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Belarus is Interested in Investments by South Korea for Blockchain Technologies

The Government of the Republic of Belarus is looking for sources of funding for the development of distributed registry technology and artificial intelligence.

Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister of Belarus Andrei Dapkyunas is confident that the state’s economy must attract the largest amount of funds from investors from South Korea for the effective development of the crypto industry and IT-sphere.

During his speech, Andrei Dapkyunas said that a friendly legal field had already been formed in the state to ensure the blockchain industry scaling.

“Belarus has developed an innovative regulatory framework for the IT industry. We are a center in Eastern Europe for scaling up the crypto industry and technology for creating IT products,” the representative said.

He also noted that the government is investing serious money in the IT infrastructure, forming a number of technology centers such as HTP.

“Strengthening partnerships in these technological areas will enable our states to adequately respond to the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution,” the minister said.

The Republic of Belarus positions itself as one of the friendliest in relation to the crypto currency of Eastern European countries. This year, the decree “On the Development of the Digital Economy”, legalizing the crypto industry in Belarus, came into force in the country.