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Bitfinex Losts 40% of ETH, BTC is Outflowing

The users of Bitfinex have taken 40% of the assets out of their Ethereum purses before the volumes of deposits and withdrawals could be balanced. Along with this, the removal of Bitcoin is underway.

“This is a good old fashioned bank run folks.”

According to TokenAnalyst, the outflow of Ethereum from Bitfinex has, most likely, halted:


Within the last 24 hours, the inflow and outflow of Ethereum have been almost equal at Bitfinex


However, the outflow of BTC from the exchange is still ongoing

For the last 24 hours, the inflow of BTC was $37.8 million; the outflow — $50.2 million

It is worth noting that the rate of Ethereum is much higher on Bitfinex than on other trading floors:


As for bitcoin, at the exchange, BTC price reached a maximum of $6145 today. At the same time, the price maximum on Bitstamp was $5796.

The biggest outflow of bitcoin and Ethereum was recorded on April 26, when the news on covering of the losses totaling $850 million at the cost of Tether widely spread. At that time, more than $300 million of bitcoin and Ethereum were withdrawn from Bitfinex during 12 hours.