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ASIC для Zcash

Bitmain Announced Sales of ASIC Miner for Zcash

A message about the creation of the Antminer Z9 mini device for mining cryptocurrency on the algorithm of Equihash has appeared in the official Bitmain account on Twitter.

As for the new ASIC-miner, only the following is known so far:

• Hashrate 10k Sol / s;

• Power consumption 300 W;

• Sales start at the end of June;

• Estimated cost - $ 1999;

• Z9 will be sold one by one.

The founder and the CEO of Zcash, Zuko Wilcox, without hiding grief, on this scoresays the following:

"This is absolutely not what I was trying to do, because: a) I always thought that this is most likely impossible in the long run; b) I always believed that there was a trade-off between the wide spread of coins on one side, and the high-return miners on the invested funds, on the other "

In his view, the creation of ASIC-miner for Zcash will negatively affect the decentralization of the network, as well as the security and reliability of it.