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CoinMetrics: 94% of BSV Transactions Are from Weather App

The ascent of Bitcoin SV transactions doesn’t mean it’s popular. The growth is due to the transactions come from a weather application.

According to CoinMetrics, up to 94% of operations on the blockchain are carried out by WeatherSV users, an application forecasting weather changes.

The peak activity of the users was recorded July 14, when 96% of all transactions came from the app.

WeatherSV doesn’t play any significant role in the BSV blockchain; it just notifies users about weather changes. That’s why some users of social media make fun of BSV, which allegedly unpopular among cryptotraders.

It’s worth noting that the attractiveness of the project leaves much to be desired indeed. For example, in April, the computing power of the network dropped to the level of November when the cryptocurrency had forked out from Bitcoin Cash.

We recall that the ANChain.AI cryptofirm stated that 75% of EOS transactions in DEX-applications were made by bots.