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The Creator of the Linkedin, Eric Lee, Wants to Raise $ 20 Million for a Project to Reduce the Risks of Participation in ICO

Ex-CTO of the LinkedIn, Eric Lee, intends to attract investments for $ 20 million thanks to the model for the distribution of elementary agreements for the developed coins (SAFT).

The required document of the form D on behalf of the Hub project, which is managed by the entrepreneur, is posted on the first day of the summer on the official resource of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

It is reported that in the process of the HubToken distribution among two dozen investors nearly $ 13.6 million of the required 20 million was already collected.

Let us remind that this year Eric Lee brought to the market the HumanTrustProtocol in literal translation as a "protocol of human trust."

The resource VentureBeat has published information that on the basis of the Hub they are going to develop the ICO Hub - implemented on a security-of-concept-reputation system for ICO. It will enable all ICO participants to effectively check project teams for the possibility of a scam, which will allow the elimination of unsafe projects at the ICO stage.

Internet resources for verification of the security level of ICO have offered their services, but Eric Lee is confident that most of the sites use not always clear ways of ranking the ICO. The project, which he is currently developing with his team, will be able to resolve this issue provided that the information analyzed from sources is sufficiently accurate, and responsibility will be shared with the teams that organize the initial distribution of coins for the fact that their product will indeed meet market demands.

As previously the Coinfortoday wrote, the MonsterProducts, the largest supplier of headphones to the world market, is going to collect 300 million dollars during the initial distribution of coins.