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Binance Launchpad to Launch Another IEO

The trading platform Binance Launchpad will run the initial exchange offering for the project called Elrond, during which 5 billion coins will be distributed. Investors will be able to get 5 tickets; the prizing pool lets a participant get the altcoin for total $300.

Bancor Refuses Service to Residents of the USA

The dex-platform Bancor has announced the close of the access to their services for US citizens. The cryptoexchange explained that the decision was made due to the ambiguity of the local regulator’s requirements.

NegocieCoins Faces Several Suits

The Brazilian users have not been able to withdraw their assets from Bitcoin Bank Group (GBB), a company managing the NegocieCoins trade cryptoplatform from Parana. As a result, the company was sued several times.

Cheating Causes Cryptojacking

Yandex, a searching engine, has revealed and submitted a rare sample of the Node.js Trojan for research to Doctor Web’s virus laboratory. The data had been passed along with the information about the websites it was found on.