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Experts: Amazing Similarity in Charts of Gold and BTC

Bitcoin for ten years compared with the gold cryptomarket. The analogies of the two assets are traced in their divisibility, relevance and security. At the same time, Bizniz experts found a more subtle connection based on price dynamics charts.

Last week, Bizniz posted two technical schedules. The first is the 43-year dynamics of the gold rate. The second is changes in the value of the market leader during its lifetime.


If we simultaneously consider analytical data, then we can fix, according to experts, “mystical” similarities. In this case, both assets are opposite in nature.

As can be seen in the graph, the value dynamics in both markets show identical bouts of exponential growth and subsequent “cooldowns”.

график 2

Analysts of the publication Bizniz in their twitter-message additionally laid out the enlarged schedule of these values ​​in order to strengthen the picture of their close correlation. According to them, if Bitcoin actually moves “along the golden road”, it can be said that the market leader’s value will drop below the important support level of $ 5,800 over the next few months.