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GMO Announces Launch of Crypto Platform.

The online digital coin trading exchange is the third major digital asset of Japanese GMO.

Recently, the Internet giant announced the launch of a crypto platform, which will enable investors "to trade up to 2 Bitcoins in one order and up to 1,000 BTC per day", online.

“All orders on the new crypto exchange are reflected on the bulletin board. By tracking the total number of orders, the trader is able to trade based on the demand for the sale and purchase of investors,” a representative of the organization said.

The launch of the third product, created by the GMO developers, will be supported by the subsidiary blockchain-company GMO Coin. Prior to this, the company launched two platforms. One of which was called "sales office", and the other - "FX crypto currency service".

The online exchange will list such currencies as Bitcoin, Live, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Riple. Currently, only BTC can be traded on the exchange. It is noteworthy that there are no fees on the trading platform.