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Goxtrade is Suspected of Phishing and Misleading

Goxtrade, a bitcoin exchange, has been accused of fraud and phishing due to the fake information on the team. The official source of the platform is banned by the CDN-service Cloudflare.

The co-founder of the platform Clovyr and cryptospace celebrity Amber Baldet was mentioned as a developer on the website, although she claims to have no connections with the exchange.

"Fraud alert: I am not a developer at goxtrade dot com and probably their entire business is a lie," – she twitted.

The other people on the photos most likely bare no relations to Goxtrade, including a German lawyer, an operations manager from Australia, a claims specialist from the United States.

The absence of registration and the domain which was registered at the beginning of May 2019, although the site state to be operating since 2017, have proven the administration’s lie. Moreover, Techcrunch, an information source, reports that "Goxtrade’s mail records was pointing to an email address run by Yandex".

“Goxtrade claims to be an exchange that lets users “receive, send and trade cryptocurrency.” After we created an account and signed in, it’s not clear if the site even works.” Techcrunch authors wrote. “We reached out to Goxtrade by email prior to publication but did not hear back.”

As for now, the site is blocked by the CDN-service Cloudflare on suspicion of phishing.