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Hundreds of Venezuelans Pay for Parking in Dash

The customers of the Caracas-based shopping mall called Millennium can pay for a parking spot in Dash.

In a month (since July 15), 697 payments have been registered with due regard for the two-days power outage, during which the payments were unavailable.

In order to facilitate the money flows, the closed ecosystem was implemented in the shopping mall. New users can purchase and spend Dash in the same place. The company notes that the transactions are conducted in no time now, where customers were forced to wait in excess of 60 minutes to check out of the mall

Julio Daza, general manager for the mall’s parking lot CarMillennium, says:

“For us at Millennium mall, being able to modernize the payment options for our parking system and all our internal businesses is great news, as the legacy system usually does not work fast enough, or does not work at all. So far we have found Dash to be the best option in the market, mostly because of the speed and low cost of the transactions.”

A significant part of the merchants inside the mall have integrated Dash or are seeking to set up Dash payments. According to Dash Core’s business development manager for Latin America Ernesto Contreras, the pilot program for the Millennium mall parking garage provides a great entry point for introducing Dash as a solution to real problems in the key target area of Venezuela.

Last year, the introduction of Dash to the market of Latin America had a positive impact on its rate, which grew by 26%.