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Launch of a New Protocol for Crypto Platform Initiated Rise of Waves

Over the past 24 hours, the Waves asset, located at 35 positions in the list of leading digital coins, has risen by more than 20%. The reason for the explosive growth lays in the recently launched innovative system protocol for the blockchain Waves.


This solution will provide an opportunity to increase the speed of the Waves network and allow teams to freely develop smart contracts and software on it. The platform administration claims that developers will have access to smart accounts (Turing-incomplete smart contracts), which can be used in various operations with crypto currencies.

Using smart accounts, it will be possible to: freeze coins, conduct two-factor authentication, vote on white lists, as well as use accounts with multi-signatures and atomic swaps.

The head of Waves, Alexander Ivanov, believes that smart accounts do not need “gas” as in the blockchain of Ethereum, therefore transaction fees will not increase.