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Miners to Earn More with New Product by Bloq Labs

The software by Bloq Labs will easy the setup and management of ASIC equipment under commercial mining.

The software is essentially a web-based mining manager for owners of large setups. You install it onto your machines and then launch a server that will collect and analyze all of the miners on your network. Once it has everything sorted, it will show their output, allow you to manage security and uptime, and generally makes it easy to see your network at a glance. It also manages overclocking and shows you, at a glance, how hot each machine is running

Titan watches the work done by each miner, confirming that each machine receives credit for its work. Rayan Condron, co-founder and CEO Bloq Labs, said the solution even works globally, allowing you to connect miners remotely. The product works with a number of mining rigs including the AntMiner S9 and S11.

“The concept for this was to make mining as easy as possible and as stable as possible,” he said. “Our long term vision is called the Titan Marketplace, where you could take a portion of your hash power and if you want, you can put up on the market for others to use.”

The web-based tool is in public beta at The tool will launch this summer and the Marketplace launches in the fall, said Condron. They announced the availability of the product at Consensus 2019.

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