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Optimism and apprehension amid a prolonged fall in the rates of Crypto-currency

Against the backdrop of the rapid decline of both bitcoin and other representatives of the cryptocurrency market, ordinary investors and leaders of authoritative investment funds and even representatives of state financial regulators of some countries are not stingy about loud statements and forecasts.

For example, the Office for Securities and Merchandise Trade of the United Arab Emirates warned of the serious risks of investing in various digital investment schemes. The problem is that no ICO at the moment in the UAE, either not regulated, but not officially recognized.

The lack of any control and the fact that the ICO is not under the jurisdiction of the UAE promises the following risks:

• Hit fraudulent schemes;

• Failure to recover lost funds;

• Providing investors with information that has not been audited.

The reverse side of the medal was the statement of Ronnie Moas, the founder of the investment firm Standpoint Research. In his twitter, he compared the change in confidence in digital assets with the growth in the number of Internet users over the past two decades.

Optimistic predictions of Ronnie Moas promise bitcoin fivefold and even tenfold growth. And if the market capitalization is over 2 trillion dollars, and bitcoin will retain its share of 35%, we can witness a cost of $ 80,000 per unit of the first crypto currency. He also does not exclude the possibility of a complete collapse of the market.

RenNeuner, founder and CEO of OnChain Capital gave the example:"I always said that if we compare it to a marathon, we just parked the car and unpacked the things. We have not yet reached the launch line."

In his twitter, he will argue that long-term recessions and the recovery of cryptocurrencies is the natural behavior of the "normal" market. Many people are frightened, we are accustomed to rapid falls and even faster growth, thanks to regular adjustments.

In confirmation of his confidence in the positive outcome, Neuner fixed in his twitter forecast for 2018, which by the end of the year predicts the cost of bitcoin $ 50000.