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Kraken to delist BSV. Who's next?

Bitcoin SV (BSV) with its infamous policy fell out of favor with Kraken, a trading floor. Having launched a poll on the Twitter account, the administration of the platform has reported that the policy of the BSV community doesn’t much with the policy of the exchange.

Bitcoin up to $5000 because of a whale

The CEO of cryptocurrency firm BCB Group says Bitcoin’s rally to 5000$ was triggered by the trade operations for $100 million (20 thousand BTC) of a single Bitcoin whale. The expert paid attention that the trader has divided the sum to 3 trading floors: Coinbase, Kraken and Bitstamp.

Kraken implements 2FA for all users

The trading platform Kraken implemented the obligatory two-factor authentication for all the clients. Admittedly, the option had appeared in 2013, but it was optional. Possibly, the cracking of QuadrigaCx led the administration to apply the obligatory two-factor authentication.
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