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Telephone Numbers of Huobi Clients are on Sale on Dark Web

The Huobi crypto exchange has claimed that just an insignificant part of data fell into the hands of the malefactors. It allegedly happened by breaching a third-party messaging provider, since there was no evidence of cracking on the platform.

The Chines Dark Web marketplaces have been selling the personal data of the Huobi users. At least, that’s what they claim it to be. According to Ross Zhang, head of marketing, they ran user data being sold against their own database and found “only a negligible portion of the phone numbers are associated with Huobi accounts”, and the platform’s security systems have not been cracked.


The data in question involves the phone numbers of users and the text messages they purportedly received when withdrawing from the exchange.

One seller, who claimed to be a hacker, promised that these phone numbers are “absolutely real” and can yield a high pick-up rate, suggesting that potential scammers can expect responses when reaching out to these numbers. The hacker even added that these phone numbers “convert rate is decent for conducting a pyramid scheme.”

This particular seller, along with some others, also claims to have user data from other less known exchanges such as BIKI, Hetbi, and ZDCoin.

“We suspect that the hacker is using Huobi’s name as a gimmick for their own business interests,” said Zhang.

We recall that a hacker under the name of Bnatov Platon has started to distribute alleged KYC data of Binance users after the failed negotiations with the representatives of the exchange on the reward of 300 BTC.