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Tether to Launch USDT in Algorand

In the framework of the program aiming at the development of USDT, the company is going to launch a stablecoin based on the Liquid Network sidechain and the Lightning Network protocol in 2019.

Algorand is a start-up found by the professor of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Turing Award Winner, Silvio Micali. The company attracted $4 million from Pillar Venture Capital, and Union Square Ventures in February 2018; later, in October, the project got $62 million from unknown global innovation group.

This spring, Algorand succeed at the tokensale, having collected $60 million at CoinList.

The start-up developed a public proof-of-stake blockchain which allegedly performs 1000 transactions per second. The processing delay time is just 5 seconds.

There was information that Tether is going to launch USDT in EOS.