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The whales save more than 150,000 BTC in the last two months

A number of large investors in the last two months of the market falling increase the bitcoin capital up to 151,405 coins.

The market is not stable now: the constant raising of cryptocurrencies was observed on February 22, but then on February 24 financial quotes instantly fell, and assets lost 10% of a price within half an hour.

We have been observing the dynamics for 14 months. The fluctuations of the market gave the «whales» a chance to buy Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash at a lower price each time the rate declined.

The statistics on BTC purses shows that the large investors enlarge the stash of coins on their accounts after each falling of quotations of the market.

Analysts list five largest bitcoin purses owned by the Bittrex, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Huobi and Binance cryptoexchanges on the balances of which there are from 130,000 BTC to 107,000 BTC respectively. Since December 17, 2018, their overall balance has increased by 2,879 BTC ($10.8 million) and reached 573,958 BTC.


Another hundred of the large Bitcoin holders, among whom there are some small exchanges, could have saved up to 151,405 BTC ($572 million) for two months. The numbers on the purses of these large holders vary from 10,000 BTC to 100,000 BTC.


In December mass media stated that the bitcoin “whales” manipulate cryptocurrencies with help of regulators’ support.