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WhatsApp Users Can Conduct Cryptotransactions

The operations are available with Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin on WhatsApp via Lite.lM, a bot by the blockchain startup Zulu Republic. The own native token of the project ZTX is also transferable.

In order to use the service, it’s necessary to install the program and follow the instructions. A user will be offered to create a password, select a language and the main cryptocurrency.

The beta version of Lite.IM was launched in August 2018. Initially, the service was first made available with the help of Litecoin through Telegram, along with old-fashioned text messages. Later, Facebook Messenger users got the ability to use it.

As it was reported earlier, users can work with Litecoin using text commands in messenger and SMS. The service provides the ability to check a balance and to send Litecoin to another address.

According to the concept of the project, there is an enormous number of people living with limited access to the Internet, and just 33% of people around the world have smartphones. That’s why the developers believe that the connection of SMS and Litecoin will widen the range of cryptocurrency users and provide a chance to conduct transfers with no Internet. Moreover, Telegram is the most secure messenger by now, according to Zulu Republic.

The founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee has also commented on cryptotransactions via SMS and Telegram. He has noted that the bear market is the most suitable period for the implementation; the implementation is the key factor for the public attraction.

We recall that Venezuela had been using SMS for BTC transactions during almost a week at the time of power cuts.